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Packages & Specials

Make your next visit to Chicago what you want it to be, and for a lot less, by booking a package or special at ACME. Whether you're comin' to rock out a festival, in need of a romantic diversion (woo-woo), looking for a reason to shop with the girls (cha-ching), or need a conveniently wired place to stay while on business, ACME has the package deals to satisfy and suit your needs.
And now, when you book two nights or more at ACME, you'll get 15% off your stay. Yup, 15%. You know what that means . . . . extra green in your pocket to splurge on F-U-N!
Ok, a few rules, but nothin' crazy like "must check in with a camel". The rate is non-refundable (so make up your mind) . .  and you have 'til November to get the discount. And oh yeah, your stay needs to be consecutive nights. Greens in your jeans! Hit the button!

Shopping Package & Girlfriend Getaways

'I'vE Got baggage' shopping
This day is all about YOU! And if you can say "charge it" with authority, then you've got this in the bag. Check it out - You know you deserve it!  


BaconMania is back!
Do you LOVE THE BACON!?!? Then check out the DEETS and have yourself The greatest time ever with with all-time fried favorite!

Hair of the Dog Package

Hair of the Dog
Anticipating a long night in the city? This package will have you repaired in no time.


Tired of that cold weather hang? Static riddled hair and clothes, and zero energy to throw out the old pizza boxes before you order another? Then it's time to RALLY your crew and get a room at ACME, in fact an entire FLOOR of rooms!
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