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Dear Guests,

It's been a minute, right? And we can't wait to welcome you back! We have always done our best to provide you the backdrop you desire to create an ACME experience like no other, and we can't wait to get restarted.

ACME has always been committed to providing a safe and sanitary stay, but in today's environment, the game has changed a bit, and we've put additional protocols in place as outlined by the CDC to ensure the health and wellness of our guests and staff. We've also closely implemented the standards issued by the IHLA (Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association). Take a look at the steps we've taken to ensure a safe stay at ACME! And of course, if you EVER have any questions or concerns, speak up, we want to hear from you! Dang, we're excited to see you!


  • These days, things change quickly, we get it. Therefore, all reservations are cancellable until 6pm central time the night before arrival with no penalties.


  • All guests of ACME will undergo a temperature check at check-in . . . Our employees are subjected to the same when they show up for work . . .
  • All guests of ACME and staff are required to wear a face mask when moving through the lobby and all other public spaces. We know not everybody loves to wear the mask, but hey, it's for the greater good! 
  • The front desk is equipped with an acrylic barrier, guests will insert their own credit cards, and keycards and pens are sanitized between each use.
  • Floor decals have been placed throughout the hotel to make it easier to adhere to social distancing. (Using them to play twister will not be allowed at this time).
  • A "refill" sanitation station is conveniently located for your use in the lobby.
  • Luggage carts are sanitized after each use.
  • The Berkshire Room, West Town Bakery, and Bunny Slope are temporarily closed due to local mandates for social distancing. This status changes, please check front desk for updates. 
  • Our touch-free, and cost free Morning Joe® coffee delivery remains in place. Order at check-in, or by using Alexa in your room, and find your piping hot thermos of Joe at your door in the morning at your requested time.
  • We have increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting public spaces with special attention to high-touch areas.
  • Elevators will be limited to 2 persons (unless you are in the same party). Of course, the stairs are open for your use, and its also a great way to get your steps in. (Who hasn't gained a couple during quarantine?)


  • Guestroom assignments are be scattered throughout the hotel to avoid overcrowding on any one floor, as possible.
  • A sanitizing wipe and personal bottle of hand sanitizer are  provided in each guest room, just in case you're a DIY'er and want to give it another hit.
  • Specific items have been removed from rooms (mini-bars/pens/paper). If you have any needs or questions during your stay, please contact the front desk.
  • In-room housekeeping services will not take place during your stay unless requested by you.
  • Following check-out, all rooms are sanitized based on CDC guidelines, with special attention paid to common touch-points. Windows are opened during cleaning for extra ventilation.
  • In addition to a deep cleaning, Electrostatic antibacterial spray is deployed in each room following check-out. We will do our best not to rebook the same rooms for 24 - 72 hours after check-out, as possible.
  • Linens and towels will be laundered in high heat between guest stays as outlined by CDC guidelines.
  • Rooms that have been sanitized following check-out will display a "checkmark" on the blackboard to indicate to the next guest that the room is up to snuff!


  • All front-of-house and back-of-house staff will undergo a temperature check upon arrival to work.
  • Our team has been thoroughly trained on our enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols, and are masked at all times to ensure your safety.
  • Front desk, housekeeping and back-of-house work spaces and equipment are sanitized several times throughout the shifts.
If you have ANY questions or concerns prior to, or during your stay, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're so excited to welcome you back that we're gonna want to hug you! No worries, WE WON'T, but we'll want to!