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Photo and Video Rights Policy

At Legal Name of ACME ("Acme Hotel") we respect the intellectual property rights of our guests, members, and associates. We have come across pictures and/or videos of our hotel or it's outlets from your social media stream and in other sites available to the public. We would like your permission to utilize the pictures for various purposes associated with our business. By accepting the terms below, you agree to our use of the pictures/videos from your stream:
  1. You confirm that you took the pictures posted in your media stream. If you did not take the picture, you are not the author and, thus, cannot authorize us to utilize them. Please do not agree to these terms if you did not take the picture. You agree to defend and hold Acme Hotel, its affiliates, members, and guests, harmless from any claims by third parties that the use of the pictures/videos pursuant to this agreement violates their rights because the pictures/videos were not taken by you.
  2. You agree that Acme Hotel, its affiliates, members, and guests are authorized to use, free of charge, the pictures/videos, for any purpose, including, creating copies, distributing such copies, reposting the pictures/videos in their social media sites and other websites, placing the pictures/videos in advertisements and other publications or marketing materials (printed or electronic), create derivatives of the pictures/videos for its own use, any other digital uses, in print displays, and any other use in any form or media. You grant Acme Hotel, its affiliates, members, and guests, a perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty free license to use the pictures/videos as described in this agreement. You also grant Acme Hotel the right to sublicense its rights to the pictures/videos to other entities. For the purpose of this agreement, "affiliate" means any entity associated with Acme Hotel.
  3. You confirm that you are at least 18 years old.