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Ideal Chicago Hotel
If you've never been one for convention, ACME HOTEL is the right choice for you in downtown Chicago. Located 2 ½ blocks from the Magnificent Mile in the River North neighborhood, ACME is downtown Chicago's lifestyle boutique hotel alternative.
If you appreciate an eye for design and dig a high-tech vibe, you'll feel right at home here. ACME is a hip hotel that's also inviting and approachable. We want your experience at ACME to blow your mind, not your budget, so go ahead . . . browse our website and book a room, and be prepared to fall in love.
Yup, now as a guest of ACME you don't need to worry about being out
of touch ANY time you leave the hotel 'coz you can check-out an ACME HOTSPOT TO-GO for FREE at the front desk and be connected WHEREVER you go! If you're an international traveler, (bon jour) or local ('sup?), leave the inconvenience of disconnects and pesky roaming fees behind, and enjoy pure, FREE access to the internet all over the Chi! HOTSPOT TO-GO HAS LEFT THE BUILDING! 
Check out HOTSPOT, Google Glass, and all of our other COOL EXTRA's! 
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