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WHAT's UP? you ask . . plenty!

Spring is here and the anticipation oif what's to come is nearly unbearable! Spring gives us a whole vibe and level of anticipation around here . . . Feel free to peruse are TO DO list, this is just a small fraction, so consider it a highlight real of FUN! 




The New York Times called it "boozing rowdiness and debauchery", Time Out said "A live-action ‘Drunk History', and Slate said "The best thing to ever happen to the theatre" . . . Who are we to argue? Get to Drunk Shakespeare because it sounds like BIG FUN!!  It's at the Lion Theatre.

NOW - April 23

Cabaret ZaZou's premier production, Luminaire, takes immersive entertainment to a whole new level of artistry. Featuring the talented international cirque performers, it is hilarious, and will have you talking about it long after it's gone.

NOW - April 23

The Tony winning, critically acclaimed pop rock musical, Jagged Little Pill, breaks the mold by offering a riveting storyline of pain, healing and empowerment drawing from the music of Alanis Morisette. It's a must see! 


May 6 - May 7

Find yourself at the Blink 182 concert at United Center with special Guest, Turnstyle. But you better hurry, it'll be gone in a  . . . . (well, you get it . . .)

May 17

Lizzo at the United Center. There are no other words . . . .





Some of Chicago's greatest cultural institutions are now welcoming back visitors! HOORAY! Of course, visitors can once again enjoy the plethora of cultural experiences that Chicago has to offer. Of course Chicago has a wealth of cultural experiences just waiting for you. Check out  some of Chicago's world famous museums like the Field Museum, Shed Aquarium, Art Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art.  Or let your imagination run wild at the Wndr Museum and the all new Museum of Ice Cream. Spectacular!!


Fall and winter are an exciting time for sports in Chicago with four major teams to follow, root for and "fantasize" about . . . Get it? Fantasy football . . . anyway, check out the local schedules then get to a game or a local pub - They;'re equally exciting for any sporting event! The Chicago Bears are in mid-season but if you love cold steel on ice, check out the BlackHawks! Love you some B-Ball - check the Bulls and Chicago Sky.


If you love music, there's nothing better than LIVE Music in Chicago! Chicago's stages are open and bands are scheduled to rock your world! Check out some of our favorite venues like Lincoln Hall, Schubas, Thalia Hall, The Metro, The Vic, The Green Mill, and tons more! 

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

The famed Chicago Architecture Tour is ready to guide you on an epic journey of discovery . . . Truly! You'll see some beautiful sites, enjoy a cocktail, and a "cool" river breeze in the heart of Chicago. Other Riverboat cruises are available too, check out Shoreline, Wendella, Mercury, and a ton more!


We're so lucky that Chicago has some of the best city parks and outdoor spaces in the World, and now is a great time to appreciate them in all of their splendor! Take a stroll through Millennium Park and The Bean, Grant Park, or Lincoln Park and see the dramatic backdrop of the city behind them. Or check out the Chicago Riverwalk and enjoy some outstanding public art and sculptures, eat, drink, and listen to live music! Feeling robustly athletic? Get yourself to the Lakefront Trail with a rented divvy or your own two feet! And if you're an animal lover, the residents at Lincoln Park Zoo are waiting to give you a warm welcome. 



Chicago stores and boutiques are open for business. If you fancy a new winter wardrobe, or just some browsing, you'll find most major retailers and boutiques are open. Just be sure to mask up and keep your distance! 
Chicago Classics
Chicago Classics
Chicago Classics
Nothing beats the classics. Get a true taste of Chicago at world-famous sights like the Willis Tower, Navy Pier or Lincoln Park Zoo.
ACME Insider, Illinois
ACME Insider
ACME Insider
Get the skinny on the city's best music venues, performances and hotspots, and experience Chi-Town like a Chicago insider.

DO YOUR THING - DIFFERENT! Check out our curated list of cool attractions

  • If you love the great outdoors, get yourself to the 606. An elevated jogging/hiking/biking path that takes you through some of the 312's most interesting neighborhoods like Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan Square, and others.
  • Bike your way through town on a Divvy. Those are the blue bikes you see pretty much everywhere . . . We suggest a ride up the Lakefront, coz it will net you some pretty awesome instagram shots!
  • If you've been dying to check out EATALY, you're in luck - it's a block away, and yeah, it's awesome. It's a bustling Italian marketplace that offers some of the freshest fare and authentic Italian foods around. Foodies won't want to pass it up.
  • In season, there are few things cooler than getting out on the cool waters of lake Michigan on your own (rented) jet ski, and worth e-v-e-r-y penny! Or one with the river in your very own kayak. Here you'll get some of the best views of the city, and get in a pretty decent workout too. Of course, both are seasonal.
  • Check out the Riverwalk (hint: it's on the river), and check out the peeps walking and cruising by. It's a great stop for a cocktail, or just to brown bag it.
  • What better way to hold on to a memory than with body ink? Deluxe Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops in Chicago. We just recommend you visit sober - you know, no regrets and all. 
  • Everybody's heard about the Architectural Boat Tour, now go out and do it. It is def. one of the best "attractions" in Chicago.


If you dig music, you've come to the right city. In addition to the major arena's, Chicago boasts a ton of awesome, more intimate venues that often book the cutting edge talent on the cusp of stardom. You may also see them at one of Chicago's major music festival during the summer. Here is a short list of some of the best venues in the 312 to sit back and jam. -  These even made TimeOut Chicago's best list!