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Chicago Art Exhibit

ACME Hotel is all about being creative, innovative, and embracing self-expression. When we say DO YOUR THING, we meant it - that's why our local art initiatives are so important. At the ACME, guests can enjoy this self expression in our exhibits!
FOR A LIMITED TIME (Oct 29 - November 3), stop by and see our Pop-Up  #ACMEinstagallery featuring photo's from some of the most admired photographers on instagram! Our instagallery is open to the public - so stop by and be INSPIRED! 
Lightwell and Stairwell Installations - Chicago master graffiti artist, AMUSE has transformed normally dreary spaces into enlightened spaces of true art and beauty and given our Bare Flying ladies a beautiful place to call home. Amuse' inspired graffiti masterpieces can be seen all over Chicago. 

Lobby Mural -

Our lobby mural was created by artist Brian Tull, of Nashville, TN., and commissioned by Curly Tale Fine Art in Chicago. His retro style is an ideal fit for ACME. Brian likes to "manipulate paint to dictate his story, and capture an era when things seemed simple, more genuine, and honest". Brian's eclectic works, which are commissioned from across the country, are designed to arouse a memory or feeling within the viewer. We think it's cool that Brian's self expression is one of the first things our guests experience at ACME.
Side note . . . Brian recently utilized our very own Berkshire Room to serve as a background for a commissioned piece - we can't wait to share it upon its completion! briantull.com

The Bare Painted Ladies -

When guests look out their window, they're likely to get an eyeful of WOW with our Bare Painted Ladies installation - the ladies provide guests a creative juxtaposition between raw urban industrial space and colorful art. ACME commissioned local artists to adorn mannequins using nothing more than paint, and their vivid imaginations. The 10 mannequins were then suspended in our light wells and offer our guests a one-of-a-kind, artful eyeful.

About the artists

Susan Kissinger

is a artist with a passion for experimenting with multiple mediums and styles with experience in both private commissioned work and public. She recently relocated to Baltimore Maryland. skdschicago.com

Brittney Leeanne Williams

received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009 and currently enjoys showing her work in a myriad of shows around the city. brittneyleeannewilliams.com

Andie Grusin

is a sophomore at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is enjoying being immersed full-time in her true passion.
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