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Chicago Cubs vs St Louis Cardinals - This is a rivalry of Spirit


Rivalries have been around since the beginning of time and in nearly every realm of real life and fairy tales . . . rivalries like David and Goliath, the wicked witch of the west and Glinda the good witch, Ali and Frazier . . . rivalries between brands like Windows and Apple . . . Miller and Bud. And in the music industry, the world took a collective gasp when the Spice Girls called it quits reportedly due to a rivalry between, um, the entire Spice rack! All that aside, there are fewer rivalries as strong and lasting as the Chicago Cubs vs St. Louis Cardinals . . . The rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the St Louis Cardinals, (also called the

Route 66 rivalry back in the day) . . . has been around for decades - we're talking the days of 3-channel black and white (gasp) TV with tin foil rabbit ears, folks . . . yup, about as long as the actual Route 66 is in miles. So let's cut to the chase . . . Have the Cardinals traditionally been the better team? Yup. Have they won more pennants? Yup. Won more World Series? Yup . .. Does that mean they are going to beat us in 2015? Nope! Let's break down St. Lou VS. the 312...


- St. Louis has an Arch that you can go up in and say ‘oh, nice river', Chicago has, um a bazillion skyscrapers that you can actually do stuff in.

- St. Louis has Annheuser Busch, Chicago has awesome indies like Goose Island,

Revolution, Emmetts . . .shall we go on?

Oh wait - back to baseball . . .

- St. Louis has a shiny big stadium, Chicago has Wrigley. CHICAGO HAS WRIGLEY.

- The Cubs and Joe Madden have placed themselves at the adult table and they are HUNGRY, starving . . . they'll devour Yankees, Pirates, BIRDS to keep their seat. The Cards and Mike Matheny have gluttonously eaten at that table. They've OD'd on the Triptophan of that Championship goose (yawn). It's all so "been there, done that" for the Birdmen.

- MLB.com predicts the Cardinals will win the World Series, Hollywood's Back To The

Future 2 predicted a Cubs win. Who are you gonna believe?

- St Louis fans are all "meh, another pennant" but Chicago Cubs tickets are more

valuable than a lotto win to a Cubbie fan! When it comes down to it . . . St. Louis has a Pennant and World Series record that could make a Cubs fan weep, Chicago has heart, grit, determination, and an unrelenting belief that if we all just want it bad enough . . . it'll finally come true. So what next? Let's collectively click our red glitter cleats together 3 magical times . . .

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