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16 May 2019
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Nobody digs Festival season more that ACME, and we have to say, we're pretty experienced at it! So . . . we've talked to the crew and put together some easy tips to make sure your time at Lolla, or Pitchfork, or Pride Fest, or (insert name of favorite festival here), is everything you want it to be! Take a look, and thank us later, or not!


Planes, Trains, Busses, and Bikes?

If you're coming to Chicago for one of the hundreds of events in the city this summer, we highly suggest you take public transportation. This will make it not just easier getting to the event, but getting out of the event as well. If you do drive, we recommend using one of those nifty parking apps like ParkWhiz or Spot Hero to save some coin - also, plan to park a little further from the event and grab a divvy or public transportation to get the rest of the way there. You'll be happy you did when you're leaving at the end of the night and 100,000 of your newest best buds are sashaying past your parking exit!

Use Protection!

The summer sun get's hot in the city! Sunblock 50 should keep you covered for a long day of checking out art or listening to your favorite bands at Lala. And like our parents always told us, don't forget your ears! You may even want to grab a hat! And while you're at it . . . use plenty of lip balm. Those tender little pie holes get extra well done in the scorching sun!

It's Not My Bag

Since these festivals don't let you in with big bags or backpacks . . . plan ahead with a stylish little fanny pack (yes, they're in again). This way, you'll never lose it by setting it down; you don't have to rely on a friend to hold it while you pee; pickpockets will find you less desirable; and most importantly, with your stuff securely attached to your body, you'll be hands-free to more easily schlep beers without sloshing them all over yourself before the first set.

You're Not a Camel

We may be sounding a bit like your mother, but the lady was able to keep you alive for your first 18 years! It's super important to hydrate before, during and after the fun! Be sure you are drinking water intermittently with everything else (no, beer, wine and cocktails technically do not "hydrate") . . . it'll be your savior, not only for that day, but definitely the day after!

What to Wear?

Again, Summer. Chicago. Heat! Loose, light clothing should be the order of the day! Let your body breathe! Try to avoid dark colors, because as we all learned in the 4th grade, dark colors absorb the suns' heat, while light colors, let's say it together, "reflect the sun!" It's like armor really.

Stay Charged

Could there be anything worse than being right in front of the stage, all ready to take what will surely be THE MOST viral Instagram story ever, and realizing your phone is out of juice!? Whhhhhy? Sure, there are charging stations available, but better yet, spend a little money and buy one of those remote chargers or power banks - and you'll never have to worry about your virality!

Have Fun

Summer is short. Have an epic time!