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21 Oct 2021
Things to Do
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There's this undeniable feeling of POW when fall descends on Chicago. Maybe it's the brisk air sweeping in a fresh perspective, heightening the senses to the fresh baked aromas wafting from a local donut shop. Perhaps it's the vibrant pops of color adorning tree-lined streets and turning local parks into kaleidoscopic wonders. Or maybe it's the sense of anticipation that a whole new season of exciting new things are here . . . to experience, better yet, to devour! Here are our top 3 reasons to visit Chicago this Fall.



Fall is notoriously the season for "Comfort" Food. When Chef's return to the magical world of mashed potatoes, ahhh, that creamy wonder hidden under nearly every entree. Savory stews, and roasts reappear featuring new twists and turns of spices and ingredients.  And we finally feel justified to return to fresh pasta in a heavy red sauce with fresh baked bread for dipping. We're ok with every single bit of it! Fall menu's are in full swing, can you think of anything better than dining out in Chicago?  


OUTDOORING. If you're into reason , getting outdoors seems like the next most logical step. Chicago doesn't hide when the temperatures dip, in fact we relish it . . . the clear blue skies, the opportunity to take a lakeside jog or bike the park without the humidity - it's all good! It's also the perfect time to sit at the Riverwalk, sip some cocktails and watch the brilliant early sunset. Maybe an Architectural tour by boat, or a booze cruise, with a light jacket - Perfection.



Is it just us, or are fall clothes just cuter? Maybe it's the layering . ..  Even an ok top can be made to look stylish with a perfectly tucked scarf, or maybe the perfect denim jacket?. . . Mostly fall means boot season. Right? From stylish ankle boots to stunning thigh-high's that zipper and snap. In Chicago, boots ARE fall, and lucky for us, Chicago has the retail oomph to support the most robust of shoe appetites. Fall shopping in Chicago is a must!


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