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07 Dec 2020
Things to Do
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ACME Hotel Company

Finding Your Holiday Jingle


We get it . . . we're in the midst of a pandemic, it's winter, and you've got a bit of cabin fever - So of course it begs the questions . . .  "Where can I safely go, and what the heck can I do there?" The answers, ACME in Chicago, and PLENTY!
Sure, lots of Chicago's "insides" are closed, but there's still so much of this city to see and do! So get down with your down jacket and follow along because you're not going to want to miss these! And please note, for your safety, just about everything requires a reservation. Check it out and DO YOUR THING!


Outdoor dining in Chicago has never been more adventurous! Think of your favorite spot, then imagine it outdoors, in winter, likely with heat lamps or a tent! (that's the adventure part). Tell us that's not instagram worthy? Chicago has also gone the extra step to close down some of its most famous streets, to allow area restaurants to serve diners under tents in the great outdoors. Tell us that's not instagram worthy? But if you're still not feeling that brave, Most of Chicago's favorite local haunts are open for delivery and curbside pick-up. Huddling up in your boffo room at ACME with a delicious meal is certainly nothing to scoff at. 



ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo is always a wonder to behold, and this year is no different, except, no huge crowds!
And if lights are your bag, you'll truly dig the Holiday lights on Michigan Avenue. Just as gorgeous as ever, a stroll down the avenue will surely get you into a HO - HO - Holiday mood! 



If you've got some shopping to do for those on your Nice List, plenty of Chicago's most unique boutiques are open. Many of the stores on the mag mile are open too, with limited capacity, but that's good news, because, no crowds!



Who doesn't love the sound of cold steel on ice? If you do, them Maggie Daly Skating Ribbon in Millennium Park is the place to be. Wind and bob through the park with the city skyline as your backdrop. Yup, it's pretty fun, and dramatic all at the same time!



Wanna do the holiday old-style? Treat yourself to a drive-in Holiday movie and a bucket of popcorn at Lincoln Yards! Drive-in's are all the rage for these times . . . and nobody will bother you if you decide to make out! 



You had to know we were going to plug a stay! amiright? Right now, rates at ACME are better than ever, plus we're offering $25 Parking vouchers per night (not included in room rate). We've got suites, Queens, Kings, the whole deck! 

What better way to break the cabin fever than by coming to chill with ACME? Plus we've got FREE and Contact-free Morning Joe® delivered safely to your door each morning. And to ease your mind, we are following all the CDC safety protocols and ensuring every stay at ACME is as safe as possible . . . PLUS, we all have to Cover Our Mug when in public areas of the hotel. Check out a stay at ACME this December, or beyond!!