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08 Mar 2021
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ACME Hotel Company

To the Women who Rock our World

In honor of International Women's month, we wanted to take a time out and focus on the women that Rock our world. The very women that make ACME tick. The majority of ACME staffers are women and they all bring their own unique spirit and drive to form a collective of genuine, determined, badass women who are all about what they do best - ROCKING the guest experience. 24/7/365.


So in that vein, let us introduce a woman that is the epitome of all things ACME. Meet Jennifer, ACME manager, mother, wife, innovator, cheerleader, therapist, multi-tasker. traveler. Jen has been with ACME since day one, and worked her way up through the ranks to management by demonstrating her grit and commitment every day. When you've checked in at ACME, you've probably seen her, or at least seen her inspiration at work in the manner that the front desk staff and doormen make you feel -  warm, celebrated, inspired!


If you ask Jen, she'll tell you, she has two goals in mind when she comes to ACME. Inspire and mentor the women around her, and make sure guests are ecstatic about their stay at ACME. As a woman of color who has risen through the ranks to management, she has successfully positioned herself as an invaluable leader and mentor. For Jen, it's not just about working hard, but loving what you do and having the freedom to express your genuine self. She believes the skies' the limit, And when it comes to Jen, yeah, we believe it too.


Her personal mantra is "Go and be great". Yup, we totally get it now. Thank you Jen, and all the women who fill ACME with their soul and determination and for taking "great" to a whole new level . . .and all without a cape. Happy International Women's Day. #choosetochallenge #IWD2021